1. Book the game.

Before coming to us to play paintball on PIF PAF field you have to book the game time. You can book the game for a week day or for weekend. You can cancel booking not later then one day before the game.
Book by phone (+371) 26611111 or by e-mail:

2. Arrival time.

You must arrive have an quarter before booked game starting time.
You will need this time to receive the equipment, get instructed and change.

3. Equipment rental agreement.

To receive paintball equipment, you will have to sign equipment rental agreement. You must produce your passport or driving license.

4. Instructions.

You will get instructed before equipment receiving.

5. What to wear.

Dress according to weather conditions. You will get jump suit, which is worn over your clothes. Definitely take any shoes you are not afraid to spoil (although paint is easily washed off).


1. Being on the field you have to wear protecting mask all the time.
2. You may not remove protecting stopper from the marker if you are outside paintball field.
3. You may not shoot a person, who doesn’t have protecting mask on.
4. You may not shoot a person, who is closer than 5 meters to you
5. You may not disassemble or take gas cylinder off the marker.
6. You may not shoot a person, who raises their hand.
7. You may not shoot referee, audience or any other person, who doesn’t play.
8. You may not enter paintball field without protecting mask on.
9. Referee has a right to ask player to leave the field if safety rules are ignored.
10. You may not be on paintball field under alcohol or drugs influence.

You can use only in our park obtained paint balls. It is forbidden to use somewhere else obtained paint balls.


Tel: (+371) 26611111


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