October 22 2007

 In collaboration with the best Latvian paintball team Chilli Peppers, we have built a new paintball field. Field is built according to the rules of European tournament Millennium Series. Chilli Peppers have exercised on this field for the last Millennium tournament in this season, which took place in Paris on October 12 to 14.
Amount and positioning of figures on our Millennium field copies those of one of Paris fields.

Chilli boys’ intensive exercises on the new field have been useful – bronze won in European Semiprofessional League, second place in the team event, which provided for entrance to Higher League. Congratulations!

More info on Chilli Peppers homepage.
At the moment, however, Millennium field is taken off, but in spring all paintball fans are welcomed to exercise on our Millennium field.

Photos of the field.

July 14 2007

  Done lots of Paintball park improvements.

Tent   Tent




March 25 2007

  Thanks to customers demand, we have purchased new paintball equipment sets. Now we can offer games to 60 players at a time.

March 20 2007

  We’ve installed 7 powerful searchlights on Tires field and in Pif Paf village.

searchlight searchlight

February 19 2007

  Caring for players and our instructors, we have built a new house for our paintball park instructors. Therefore old house serves now as changing room – two separate rooms, for 15-20 players each.


January 23 2007

  On our website we’ve started Pif Paf paintball forum. The official web-address of the forum is
Ask questions, discuss and share your experience on PIF PAF paintball park and paintball in general.
Forum is read and questions are answered by both PIF PAF park’s management and independent paintball experts. Hope you will find this forum useful.

December 10 2006

  We’ve opened our 4th paintball field – Car field. The amount of cars is still being increased.

November 27 2006

  Thanks to customers demand, we have purchased new paintball equipment sets. Now we can offer games to 50 players at a time.

Thanks for choosing our park.

August 7 2006

   Continuing park development works, we have built a shower, which is available to all our paintball park visitors.  (photos)

July 17 2006

   We have purchased 10 new paintball equipment sets. Therefore we can offer games to 30 players at a time now.  

July 1 2006

   With delight announce that for our games we’ve opened 3rd paintball field, dubbed Pif Paf village. Although there are 17 houses in Pif Paf village, they are not meant for living in because of constant battles in environ. Sometimes Pif Paf village is under two great armies’ crossfire, sometimes – under smokescreen, its houses have to be cleared of terrorists, sometimes one of the houses is assaulted – everything depends on you! Some pictures are displayed in the gallery, but one thing is clear – one cannot capture emotions overwhelming when you have to meet the mission in Pif Paf village. It’s worth tasting!   (photos)

June 23 2006

We’ve arranged places for barbeque, campfires and tents.  (photos)

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