Summer season of 2008 will start tactical paintball tournament series „Latvian Tactical Paintball League” (abbr. LTPL), which will be held in the most popular Latvian regional paintball clubs. This is an open league for all Latvian and foreign tactical paintball teams, the goal of which is to develop tactical paintball and to identify the strongest Latvian tactical paintball team.

This year, tournament series will consist of 5 stages, which will be held in Vidzeme area – in Riga region, Cesis, Gulbene, in Aluksne region, and Limbazi region. In each of tournaments plan to participate at least one or two tournament series organizers’ teams, which already gives hope for sufficient number of teams in each tournament and for increased competition in contest for the best year’s team title among teams.

All organizers have many years experience in organization and management of paintball events, which will help to maintain good organizational level of tournament series. Latvian Tactical Paintball League is supported also by a number of sponsors, who will supplement to the teams’ prize money. The main aim of tournament organizers is relatively low fees for participation in the tournament series, instead providing for the high tournaments’ quality, which is related also to good recreation. Some of the tournaments will include the Players After Parties, which will take place in local recreational centers, free for participants.

More information on tournament organizers and regulation.

Paintball Park "PIF PAF" (Riga region), +37126611111
Active Recreation Park “Xparks” (Lizums, Gulbene region) +37126443053,
Cesis Paintball Park (Cesis) +37126677236,
Paintball Base in Zeltini – former USSR strategic nuclear rockets base (Zeltini par., Aluksne region) +37128359738,
Paintball Base "Straumeni"(Pale, Limbazi region), +37129645400

Vidzeme Tactical Paintball League “VTPL” 2008 will be held in 5 stages:
1st stage – May 3, Riga region – Paintball Park "PIF PAF".
2nd stage – June 14, Lizums, Gulbene region – Active Recreation Park “Xparks”.
3rd stage – July 5, Cesis – Cesis Paintball Park.
4th stage – August 16, Zeltini par., Aluksne region – Paintball Base in Zeltini.
5th stage – September 13, Pale, Limbazi region – Paintball Base "Straumeni".


First team on the playing field is 5 people. The number of utility men is unlimited.
All tournament’s games will be held in one team category. According to results, the team rating will be drawn. Rating will take into account 4 best results of LTPL tournament series.

Format of the games.

Scenario and course of the game will be announced before each stage, considering each field’s specifics.
A minimum of 8 selection games for each team. 4 best teams play in final.


Tournament series will be served by special referees’ team. Tournament umpire has paintball referee certificate Euroref. A minimum of 6 referees on the field.

Shooting mode.

Semiautomatic with a limit of 12 shots per second.

Participation fee.

Each team has to pay 30 LVL for participation in the tournament. Participation fee includes filling up with compresses air up to 4500 psi.
Teams have an opportunity to pay participation fee for the whole season 2008 with discount – 120 LVL.
Participation fee can be paid at each tournament organizer’s or in paintball equipment store "Peintbols Tev" in 6 Vairoga st., Riga. Participation fee must be paid two days before the beginning of the next stage. Participation fee is not refunded to non-participating teams.

Special offer.

For teams without own equipment. Rent equipment in the tournaments day FOR FREE.

Teams registration.

Team is registered for tournament, when they sent application form with the list of team members to tournament’s organizers, and paid the participation fee. Application forms can be found on organizers’ web-pages next to tournament regulation. Teams registration for the tournament stage ends two days before (till Thursday) beginning of the tournament. After this date team registration for the tournament is not possible. In tournament’s day team captain has to confirm the list of team members on captains meeting.

Paint balls.

It is allowed to use in tournament only tournament organizers’ paint balls, for the special price. Each tournament will present the leading paint balls brands Draxxus and Diablo. Paint balls prices range from 22 to 30 LVL per box (2000 pcs). The usage of grenades and smoke bombs is unlimited, and each team may use their own such equipment. Tournament organizers will provide for possibility to purchase grenades and smoke bombs on-site.


Each tournament’s winners will be awarded with specially made medals and prizes from sponsors. Year’s winners will be awarded with cups, diplomas and prizes from sponsors.


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