"PIF PAF" paintball park issued Discount cards usage conditions.

1. Discount cards are distributed according to „Pif Paf” paintball park management’s (Sia „Pif Paf”) views.
2. Discount card is valid through its expiry date.
3. Discount amount is shown on the card.
4. Discounts apply to all „Pif Paf” paintball park offered services.
5. Discounts do not add up.
6. One customer can use only one Discount card at a time (during one game).
7. One Discount card can be used only by one customer at a time (during one game).
8. Discount card can be passed to another person, except during one game.
9. If lost, Discount card is not reissued.
10. After Discount card expiration date Discount card is not renewed.
11. Discount card holder must follow all „Pif Paf” paintball park rules.
12. Discount card usage cannot affect „Pif Paf” paintball park offered services’ configuration and quality.

„Pif Paf” paintball park management (SIA "Pif Paf") keeps a right to change Discount cards’ usage conditions without warning, placing necessary information on its website.

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